March 2016


Greetings CCA Members!

The ACA just completed this years National Chiropractic Leadership Conference. We were well represented by Dr. Jim Campbell, Dr. Coleen Denton, and Dr. Andria D’Amato from The ABCA, and Dr. Mercer King and Me from the Council.

The ACA is driving hard to receive Medicare equality. The Senate has passed a bill that gives us equality, and the House is now dealing with that issue in committee. See the ACA’s website for full details and how you can have a positive impact in gaining equality in Medicare. The bill does not include Opt Out privileges at this point, but the ACA feels they can get that passed in the next couple of years, if they get the equality bill passed. If the option to Opt Out is important to you, let the ACA know.

A significant discussion was held about Specialty Boards and Councils with the ACA. I have to tell you that we can hold our heads high. The ABCA and the CCA are the two best examples of cooperation, communication, and proper execution of our responsibilities. Our Board is set up according the NCCA standards, and it seems we are the only board that meets all of the standards expected. A new Board was elected to represent and guide all of the specialty boards. I was elected as the Secretary to that Board. The main task given to this body is to try and get all of the other Boards to become NCCA compliant as well, and to help the Boards and Councils to work together. For those who did the leg work, the grunt work and the raw determination to get us to this place, we all owe them a big thanks.

We also met with students from the Student American Chiropractic Association to promote the CCA. There was good support and interest from SACA. Judging by the students that were there we are going to continue to be lifted to higher levels than ever by this next group of students. They were SHARP!

Remember to register for the September Symposium in time to get license renewal for your state. We need at least 4 months to be sure to get CE credits in your state. Even then, some states won’t cooperate with allowing CEU’s. So, register early so we can give you the best service possible.

Until next month,
Rand Olson
President of the Council of Chiropractic Acupuncture

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