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Quarterly Newsletter (July 2021)

Quarterly Newsletter Good day everyone, Hope everyone enjoyed the Fourth! Trust as we are now past mid-summer and that longest day everyone is looking forward to ACA’s CCA Annual Symposium.  Yes, it is now so very much less than 90 days out. That noted, the best flight prices are usually to be had early.  That […]

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June 2016

Good day CCA members…… Trust your summer is shaping up as we move ever deeper into the season. Here in Louisiana, the foliage thickens to lush and the green gets oh so greener. Wondrous to watch nature express itself in it’s cycle, Yin to Yang, and round again.  The June CCA Newsletter is dedicated to

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March 2016

Greetings CCA Members! The ACA just completed this years National Chiropractic Leadership Conference. We were well represented by Dr. Jim Campbell, Dr. Coleen Denton, and Dr. Andria D’Amato from The ABCA, and Dr. Mercer King and Me from the Council.

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January 2016

Happy New Year! Hoping that all of your holidays were filled with health, happiness and good memories. As the chapter closes on 2015, the Council and the Board have some exciting news for you. First off, we wanted to let you know that all the details for the September 2016 Symposium are in place.

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May 2015

Dear Doctors: The Council and Board continue to put in many unseen hours to keep ahead of the curve on issues that effect you and your patients. The Web site is a major effort and is deep in t

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January 2015

As we welcome in a new year, we have much to reflect on from the last year. Some of the events in the last year could be considered sweet, some salty and some a little bitter.

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November 2014

You only have one more week! But I will get to that in a minute. Wow! Are there exciting things happening in the Council of Chiropractic Acupuncture! We just finished a great symposium.

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