May 2015

Dear Doctors:

The Council and Board continue to put in many unseen hours to keep ahead of the curve on issues that effect you and your patients. The Web site is a major effort and is deep in the process of redesign. We are working toward a mid year seminar to go along with the yearly symposium. We are looking at 2017 as a possible starting place for this. As soon as we know anything we will share info and ask for input.

This coming symposium is looking good and should have some high technology advantages: like a huge video screens to watch if you can’t see a point location as well as you would like. Notes to help each of you get prepared to gain the most from the classes. As you know we are gathering world-class teachers to give us the best most current teaching possible. Make sure not to miss one year. Each class will have tools to help you be a better doctor and healer for your patients.

We are looking for members who would like to get involved and make a difference. We are forming committees to help with:

1.) the yearly Symposium,
2.) the mid year Seminar,
3.) We are forming a committee to lead our Fellowship program: Which is an advanced study in a specific area of expertise, like Fertility, Dermatology, 5 Element, Herbology, etc.
4.) A Membership Committee to handle the marketing and expansion of our membership.
5.) Licensing Committee that is going to help us open up new states to Chiropractors doing acupuncture.

If you have any desire to give a little time and effort to make a difference, please reply to this email.

We want to encourage any who are considering taking the board exam to get registered, and if you know someone who is getting ready to take the test, don’t wait until the last minute. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row so there are no complications last minute.

We are locked into our dates for this year and next year. This year the Symposium will be held on September 26-27, with the test to be given on the 25th.
Next year we will be holding the Symposium on September 24th and 25th, with the Test being given on the 23rd.

This month instead of a case study, I am sending along some notes on Kiiko’s material, so we can study up, get familiar with what she is about so when she is teaching, we are familiar with what she is teaching and can get the most value from this icon in the acupuncture world. There is a method to her teaching, and she does abide the principles of Chinese Medicine, but she has compressed so much into each point, it can be hard to follow. But in 5-10 minutes a week between now and September and you won’t be lost at all in her class.

Thanks for helping people heal, for being emissaries of the profession and true health care.

Blessings, Rand Olson DC, Dipl Ac., DABCA
President CCA

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