November 2014

You only have one more week! But I will get to that in a minute.

Wow! Are there exciting things happening in the Council of Chiropractic Acupuncture! We just finished a great symposium. We featured one of the premier teachers of acupuncture in the world. We’d like to thank Dr. Yennie, Pat Kahn and Dr. Zev Myerowitz, who influenced her to come teach for us. She is a dynamo, full of enthusiasm, knowledge and loves to share the diamonds of clinical information she has gleaned through her life as a practitioner, teacher and student of Dr. Nagano. Then on Sunday, we had a great lecture by Dr. Gary Estadt on Dry Needling techniques that you could turn around and apply the next day in your practice. That was followed by a class on Classic Patterns exploded, by yours truly, where we dove head first into a discussion of a classic pattern and why the Masters devised that pattern. How did they think about the patients, the points and their part in directing the treatment to get the results that only Masters get. Everyone gathered something special and pertinent to their practice success!

So what are we going to do next year to top it? We are working hard to do just that! So far nothing is solid, so I can’t be specific, but I will promise, we will improve on this year’s excellent event!

If you want to better yourself, your ability to practice acupuncture at a high level and get better than incredible results, this is the place to be. We are pretty sure the Symposium will be on September 26th and 27th next year. It will almost assuredly be in St. Louis again. To keep costs down, and for the best return on investment on the facility, we haven’t been able to beat St. Louis. We are going to work on a mid year symposium that should knock your socks off, if you want to really step up your game.

Besides the education, the fellowship with the incredible breed of adventurous trail breakers that make up our Diplomates is a massive benefit. You get to connect with DC’s all across the country who know what you go through on a daily basis, and often can lend a helping hand in any struggles you may have. Together, we are unstoppable.

Let’s get to news. We have new Council and Board leadership: Rand Olson is the President of the Board, the Dynamic Kris Tohtz is the vice President, Gary Estadt is the Secretary and the brains of the organization, with Mercer King as the treasurer. The Board is lead by Jim Campbell, with Coleen Denton as Vice President, Andria D’amato as treasurer, Michelle Steinys as member-at-large and Cheryl Redline (our lay member) as Secretary. Cheryl is the one you will contact regarding re-certification. Each of these great people deserve a medal for the hours they put in every week to keep this ship trimmed and moving forward.

Now, why do you have one more week? This week, you can purchase next year’s symposium for $300. After Oct 31st, it turns to the new fee of $400, until September 1st, 2015. Then the price increases again. So register early!!! Please. I guarantee a lineup of speakers you won’t want to miss.

In upcoming months, you are going to hear exciting news about insurance coverage, the VA, improving relationships with other disciplines, and international recognition for our diplomats. Stay tuned and spread the word. This is the place to be!

Rand Olson, President CCA

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